About Volunteers of America – Colorado

Volunteers of America of Colorado Branch is a non-profit, 501 (c)(3) that has been in Colorado for more than 120 years. Volunteers of America’s mission is to identify and serve the basic needs of the most vulnerable in our community.

Volunteers of America is involved in many philanthropic causes in the Denver metro area as well as the state of Colorado. These include anything from veteran’s causes to families, at risk youth, people experiencing homelessness, the hungry, the elderly and many others.

How the DVNF grant will be used

Volunteers of America Colorado’s Veteran Service Division is planning to use this grant to expand the support it can provide to veteran participants going through Colorado’s 2nd Judicial Veterans Treatment Court as well as to support its 2nd Judicial Veterans Treatment Court Peer Program. Specifically, this means providing financial assistance for things that can help veterans move out of a state of crisis into stability. This can be anything from vehicle repairs to medical costs to support groups.

Often, a veteran in Veterans Treatment Court presents with many needs. Most importantly is the veteran’s progression through Veterans Treatment Court and ultimate graduation, but his or her other needs also include resource navigation and connection as well.

How this program impacts veterans

The Veterans Treatment Court is often a two to three year process, in which a veteran is constantly working to address the issues that caused his judicial involvement. Any one that has gone through the process of self improvement knows how hard of a process that is. We see success stories every month at Veterans Treatment Court graduation. We hear the stories of veterans that have gone from the lowest they can possibly be to having their children back, having their family back and, ultimately, having their lives back. All of these stories point to the success of the Veterans Treatment Court model and to problem solving courts as a whole.

Why this grant is so important

This grant is very important to our Veterans Treatment Court Peer Program. It allows us to provide more trainings and knowledge to our Veteran Peer Mentors, but also allows us to provide financial assistance to veteran participants as well. Veteran participants are often dealing with many issues besides the ones being addressed in Veterans Treatment Court. These often become hindrances to the veteran and make it much harder to accomplish his other goals in his life. These can be housing issues, employment issues, income issues, etc. Having this grant allows us to address these in a timely manner and helps support the veteran on his road to Veterans Treatment Court Graduation.