Stand Down of North Jersey – 2016 

Stand Down of North Jersey is staffed entirely by volunteers, with assistance from VA employees  and the New Jersey National Guard. Once a year, they run a one-day stand down event to assist homeless and at-risk veterans and their families, working to ensure basic needs are available to our most vulnerable and disenfranchised veterans in need.

Once again DVNF partnered with Stand Down of North Jersey to provide women’s clothing and toiletries to disabled veterans and veterans in need.

This year’s stand down, held October 8, hosted over 350 veterans. Veterans within a 200-mile radius throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania were bused in for the event. Politicians representing the various counties came out in support as well. The stand down was staffed with 80 volunteers and about 40 service providers.

For the second year in a row, a state assemblywoman set up an area exclusively for women veterans, where they were able to try on clothing and get free manicures.

These veterans are civilians now. They live in houses, not barracks. They don’t want to walk around in camo looking like they’re still on active duty. If not for DVNF providing us with these civilian clothing items every year, we wouldn’t have much to give out at our stand down. We can always rely on DVNF sending great stuff that veterans here appreciate.

— Emerson Crooks, Stand Down Organizer

The shipment in total was valued at nearly $190,000, and included a wide assortment of women’s clothing, Comfort Kits, health and hygiene items, as well as over 6,000 pairs of socks. For many who haven’t had a new pair of socks in a while, this can boost morale in ways you can’t imagine.