Northeast Florida Women Veterans, Inc.

DVNF took this stand down to a historical high. The veterans could not believe they were getting new shoes and sweaters. They held onto the blankets like they were precious gems. We were so grateful to give an early Christmas to our homeless veteran population, and we could not have done this without the generosity of DVNF! Thank you and God bless all of you!  

— Deloris Quaranta, Stand Down Organizer

“The veteran and I (pictured above) were laughing because he couldn’t believe we had a 3X shirt for him. He said, ‘I’m a big guy. There is usually nothing that fits me! Man this is great. You made my day! Thank you.’ Thank you, DVNF, for sending such a wide assortment of clothing sizes.” 

The Jacksonville-based organization, Northeast Florida Women Veterans, Inc. (NFWV), was established in 2012 to help women veterans successfully transition from military service to civilian life.

Since its inception, NFWV has partnered with the City of Jacksonville Military and Veterans Affairs on its annual homeless veteran stand down, as well as other events.

This year’s stand down took place on October 22nd at the Jacksonville Fairground Exhibit Building. Organizers expected roughly 350 veterans to come, but were shocked when over 600 showed up. This stand down was affected by a warehouse fire in North Carolina that left them without clothing to hand out at the stand down. DVNF partnered with NFWV to send hundreds of shoes, jackets, sweaters, scarves and blankets.

In fact, through the Health & Comfort program of DVNF, the shipment’s total value was approximately $180,000, and the 600 veterans in attendance we able to receive the support they needed and deserved.

These veterans (pictured above and below) are just a couple of the many who got a brand new pair of Muk Luks shoes. DVNF sent over 400 pairs for the veterans at the stand down. 

“Are you serious? They sent all this stuff just for us? Thank you so much!” 

— Veteran attendee