The Charlotte Bridge Home (CBH) helps local Veterans successfully transition home after military service by identifying their education, employment, and healthcare needs and connecting them to available community, state, and federal resources.

After the regimen and sacrifice of military duty, transition to civilian life can be challenging as veterans reunite with their families, pursue a new profession, locate services which were previously on base, and build a new social network. In some cases they also work to recover from mental and physical wounds.

Charlotte Bridge Home serves as an entry point for veterans who don’t know where to turn to access support and services. They provide multi-faceted support that includes employment assistance, mental healthcare, housing services, and other holistic resources.

How DVNF’s funding will help

The generous grant from DVNF will be used to support Charlotte Bridge Home’s free counseling services through The Center for Mindful Transitions. The funds will be used to create new resources, specifically a publishable Veteran Mind Health Toolkit and a female veterans’ Processing Group. There is a definite need in the military community for mental health support, and we are working to overcome the stigma around seeking assistance.

The transition from military to civilian life can be challenging. Every veteran will face their own set of obstacles. Navigating the resources and benefits available to service members can be stressful, and unique cases of transitions can manifest in unhealthy physical and emotional behaviors. 

CBH’s Center for Mindful Transitions works with individual veterans and their families to provide support. They are using DVNF’s generous grant to build new tools for clients, allowing them to increase the reach of their services.

They also plan to develop new Resource Kits for transitioning veterans, a Female Processing Group, community education opportunities, and a tracking mechanism to determine how their services can best support clients.

In addition to therapy, these resources will help veterans re-integrate to their communities and become our best citizens.

“We are thrilled to receive this generous support from DVNF. Their support will allow us to better serve the military and veteran families in our region with best-in-class mental health counseling as well as transition services and social support. We believe that it is a community’s responsibility to welcome and integrate our veterans and their families, and DVNF’s support of our program makes that possible” – Blake Bourne, Army, Executive Director, Charlotte Bridge Home

How CBH helped Robert

After serving in the US Navy (1986 – 1989), Robert D. was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis resulting in physical and emotional wounds that deeply impacted his family. In the midst of this battle, he became wheelchair bound, immersed in the idea of failure in providing, supporting, and protecting his family.

His family relocated to Charlotte soon after his diagnosis searching for a better quality of life. His wife struggled to balance being a mother, wife, caretaker, and homeschool teacher. As she searched for employment and housing, the family’s stress level heightened, resulting in financial hardship.

The family knew it was time to redefine Robert’s mission, strengthen their family unit, and create a support system. They made the decision to call Charlotte Bridge Home. CBH restored the family’s hope by connecting them to CBH’s services and a network of community resources.

Robert’s wife proudly said, “We’re in our own home, I’m able to care for Robert, and he’s helping in the schooling of our daughter, which helps him feel that he still has value. We are so grateful… none of that would have been possible without organizations like Charlotte Bridge Home that stepped up in our time of need.”