Disabled Veterans National Foundation Urges Veterans with PTSD and Depression to Seek Help During Winter Months

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The Disabled Veterans National Foundation (DVNF) (www.dvnf.org) is urging veterans with PTSD and/or depression to seek the help they need during the vulnerable winter months. Depression is an illness that tends to be exacerbated by cold temperatures and shorter daylight hours. Even when veterans have been coping with the illness, the winter months can often expose vulnerability, making it harder to handle alone.  DVNF is reminding veterans that there is no shame in getting treatment, as this is a medical illness, not a weakness. “Our veterans withstood countless perils throughout their military service, and decompressing from this can be a long process,” said Joseph VanFonda (USMC SgtMaj Ret.), CEO of DVNF. “However, I want to remind veterans struggling with depression or PTSD that there is hope, and that the earlier you seek treatment, the better of you will be.” VanFonda

Disabled Veterans National Foundation Urges Department of Veterans Affairs to Reconsider Cut to Vital Program for Homeless Veterans

The Disabled Veterans National Foundation (DVNF) (www.dvnf.org)  is urging the Department of Veterans Affairs’ to reconsider a recent proposal that would cut a major homeless veteran program’s budget. A  report from the Washington Post recently indicated that the VA planned to divert funding away from this $460 million joint program between the Departments of Housing and Urban Development and the VA, called the HUD-VASH program. Under the proposal, they would instead reallocate the funding to VA hospitals to be used at their discretion. However, VA Secretary David Shulkin responded that there would currently be no change to the program. Disabled Veterans National Foundation CEO, Joseph VanFonda (USMC Sgt. Maj. Ret.), states that this move could be devastating to the hopes of housing homeless veterans, emphasizing that more than half of these men and women suffer from a mental illness. “There

Disabled Veterans National Foundation Veterans Resource Fair is on November 9th

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DVNF Veterans Resource Fair is on November 9th The Disabled Veterans National Foundation (DVNF) (www.dvnf.org) is set to host its first annual Veterans Day Resource Fair on November 9th to support veterans in the DC Metro area. What: In honor of Veterans Day, DVNF wanted to do something special to recognize the service and sacrifice of all veterans by not only thanking them, but also by reaching out and giving back. The purpose of this event is to give veterans in the DC area an opportunity to receive many services from local government and nonprofit organizations. DC, Maryland, and Virginia employment and education officials will be in attendance, as well as several nonprofits that offer a variety of services to veterans, from benefits information to recreational therapy, and more. In addition to these useful resources, there will be free items

Disabled Veterans National Foundation Launches ‘Boots to Suits’ Program to Provide Veterans with New Business Attire

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The Disabled Veterans National Foundation (DVNF) (www.dvnf.org) announces the launch of its new program, “Boots to Suits.” Through this new program, DVNF provides new Joseph A. Bank business attire to job-seeking veterans through various program partners that offer employment-related transitional support services. As part of the program, DVNF also provides $50 gift cards to these deserving veterans to cover the cost of tailoring their new suit. DVNF works with many program partners around the country who help veterans with transitional services, including employment training and job placement. Veterans within these selected programs are eligible to receive new Joseph A. Bank business attire. As of late 2016, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that around 4.1 percent of male veterans, and approximately 4.9 percent of female veterans were unemployed. While this figure is congruent with the national population’s unemployment rate, veterans

Disabled Veterans National Foundation Applauds New VA Family, Caregiver, and Survivor Advisory Committee

The Disabled Veterans National Foundation (DVNF) (www.dvnf.org) is applauding the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for its newly formed Family, Caregiver, and Survivor Advisory Committee, to be chaired by former U.S. Senator, Elizabeth Dole. The goal of this committee will be to advise VA Secretary David Shulkin on matters that affect families, caregivers, and survivors across all generations, relationships, and veteran status, to help get a better understanding of how these individuals use VA care and benefits services, as well as other factors that influence access, quality, and accountability for those services. This committee will help give the VA better insight into the experiences of caregivers, and meet their needs accordingly. “The role of a caregiver is vital to the health and wellbeing of a veteran in need,” said CEO of DVNF, Joseph VanFonda (USMC SgtMaj Ret.). “Families of wounded

Disabled Veterans National Foundation Announces Over a Half Million in New Grant Funding to 32 Organizations

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The Disabled Veterans National Foundation (DVNF) (www.dvnf.org) has announced that it will award $501,828 to 32 organizations as part of its summer session of Capacity Building grants. The Capacity Building Grants are DVNF’s way of touching the lives of veterans through organizational partners throughout the country. Each of these groups meets the specific mental and physical health needs of veterans in their respective communities, and they do so in their own unique ways. Whether through addressing the needs of homeless veterans, training service dogs, providing outdoor recreational therapy, or anything in between, these 32 organizations were selected because of the impact of the work they do for veterans “Each one of these organizations helps to tackle common challenges faced by our veterans, and none of them do it the same way,” said DVNF CEO Joseph VanFonda (USMC SgtMaj. Ret.). “We

Disabled Veterans National Foundation Establishes Advisory Board, Announces Its First Chairman

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The Disabled Veterans National Foundation (DVNF) (www.dvnf.org) announced that it will launch an advisory board, which will be chaired by Dr. Rory Cooper, the Director of the Human Engineering Research Laboratories (HERL). The goal of the advisory board is to offer special counsel to the DVNF board of directors on the current and future trends of issues related to veterans. Of major importance to DVNF is the physical and mental health of veterans. Dr. Cooper, a paralyzed Army veteran, has served as the Director of HERL for many years, and has established a stellar reputation among his peers in the veteran and scientific communities. He has successfully invented many state-of-the-art technologies that allow for increased mobility and quality of life among veterans and others with disabilities. In a statement, Benny Bachand, President of the DVNF board of directors, lauded Dr.

Disabled Veterans National Foundation Issues Mid-Year Program Report

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The Disabled Veterans National Foundation (DVNF) (www.dvnf.org) has issued its program report for the first half of 2017. The organization’s two primary programs, Capacity Building Grants and the Health & Comfort program, have reached veterans all throughout the United States so far in 2017. DVNF’s Health & Comfort program sends critically-needed items like clothing, toiletries, and other vital goods to homeless and low-income veterans at stand down events and shelters. This program has already reached veterans in at least twelve different states through eleven shipments, including two shipments of suits of suits for veterans pursuing jobs. As for the organization’s Capacity Building Grants, it had one open session of grants in the spring, granting $436,000 to 32 organizations. The Capacity Building Grants are DVNF’s way of touching the lives of veterans through organizational partners throughout the country who offer programs

Disabled Veterans National Foundation Adds Three New Members to Board of Directors

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WASHINGTON, DC – June 15, 2017 – The Disabled Veterans National Foundation (DVNF) (www.dvnf.org) has announces the addition of three new members to its board of directors. As part of the organization’s commitment to diversity, and in line with its ongoing promise to enhance its overall operations, DVNF has added three new members to its board with professional experience that will serve the organization well. Anna Saez is a U.S. Army veteran, a retired staff sergeant. Anna brings many financial and administrative skills and capacities to DVNF, with a track record of building high functioning partnerships and effectively communicating with stakeholders to facilitate decision making. Ms. Saez has over two decades of professional experience in the field of financial accountability, serving as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) at accounting firms with nonprofit clients, as an Audit Manager at the Federal

Disabled Veterans National Foundation Calls for Remembrance on Memorial Day

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WASHINGTON, DC – May 25, 2017 – The Disabled Veterans National Foundation (DVNF) (www.dvnf.org), is calling on all Americans to remember the men and women who died fighting for our nation this Memorial Day. The organization wants everyone to remember why this holiday is important. Monday, May 29th, will mark the 2017 Memorial Day holiday. The holiday, originally named “Decoration Day,” began after the Civil War to remember both the Union and Confederate forces that died in combat. The holiday has continued through the years, though Memorial Day was never officially enacted as a federal holiday until 1971. Joseph VanFonda (USMC SgtMaj Ret.), CEO of DVNF, recently issued a statement about this year’s Memorial Day holiday: “With the excitement of the coming summer months, many never pause to recognize the true importance of this day. It’s not surprising that people