DVNF’s Health & Comfort program provides veterans with vital necessities, like clothing, personal care items, and health and hygiene supplies, but it also provides something else – hope.

Maurice told us that he served in Vietnam, “deep in the jungle,” as he said, from 1969-1970. It’s truly unbelievable the amount of hell one person can experience in just 13 short months. Maurice’s voice begins to fade a bit as he confesses that this single year of his life has impacted him since then.

“I’m still trying to find my way back home.”

This quote is a brutal reality, and the horrors of war our men and women face aren’t limited to their combat experience. The trauma they face often lasts for years, just like Maurice. PTSD affects the mind, body and spirit of veterans, and can be so difficult to overcome.

It’s also a sobering fact that there are many of our Vietnam veterans that have found themselves homeless through no fault of their own. We owe it to them to help them finally find their way back home. We are so grateful for the service of our heroes, and we can all do more to ensure they are equipped to handle the challenges that come their way.

Maurice, we thank you for your service, and for telling us your story. By telling your story, we can help to reach other veterans who have similar experiences.