DVNF recently helped homeless veterans in Jacksonville through our Health & Comfort program. It was in incredible showing of support for veterans who need it the most. Local and national organizations came together to care for these men and women, and DVNF’s shipment helped to pave the way.

This just goes to show how much Americans from all walks of life truly appreciate the service and the sacrifices of those who served in our military. Not only that, but it also demonstrates a nationwide commitment to ensuring that homeless veterans receive the care and support they are due.

DVNF’s Health & Comfort program is a way for us to give to veterans in need. We send shipments of Comfort Kits, clothing, blankets, toiletries, and so much more to stand down events around the country. Sometimes it encourages veterans in need to attend the event in the first place, other times it simply helps to ease the financial burden of vets who can’t afford much.

Let’s all do more to support the nearly 40,000 veterans who might find themselves without a place to call home on any given night!