DVNF’s first resource fair a huge success

On November 9th, DVNF hosted its first ever resource fair for veterans in the DC Metro area. Government representatives, nonprofit organizations, and additional providers such as staffing firms took part in the event.

More than 50 veterans attended the event, and 33 veterans were given new business attire through our Tailored for Troops program!

So many of the veterans we spoke with were overjoyed at the outpouring of support from their community. Some were in search of employment, some needed new clothing, and many others were simply looking for community.

This event impacted one veteran in particular in a big way. This young Marine veteran was there with his wife and their two-year-old son. He told us that he had been having a difficult time since he left the Marine Corps, and had struggled to hold down a job despite his best efforts. Eventually he stopped trying to find a job because the civilian workplace was frustrating and hard to maneuver for him.

However, after taking some time off, he was ready to jump back into it. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the proper attire he needed, and wasn’t really sure where to start. Once finished measuring him, and he had picked out a suit, a shirt, and shoes, we handed him a gift card to cover the cost of any tailoring he would need. When we have him the card, he broke down in tears.

“You have no idea how much this helps me,” he said through the tears. “I can’t thank you enough for this. Nobody has ever done this much for me.”

That was a moment none of us at DVNF will ever forget, and we hope that Marine won’t forget either.

We thank all the veterans who attended and all the providers who were in attendance to help them out. We also thank all our sponsors for helping us make the event a success!