DVNF Veterans Resource Fair is on November 9th

We’re pleased to announce that on November 9th from 9AM – 2PM, DVNF will be hosting its very first stand-alone veterans resources event, currently dubbed the “DVNF Veterans Resource Fair 2017.”

Slated to be held at the Silver Spring Civic Building in Silver Spring, MD, this event is easily accessible whether one chooses to attend via bus, train, or car. This event is free to all veterans and their families.

The biggest attractions at the event will be employment services (for those seeking employment) and the resource section (for those seeking information on the different organizations and services available to them). A room will also be dedicated to those interested in performing yoga moves (which will be taught by an experienced yoga instructor).

Aside from the array of food, drinks, and snacks DVNF will provide, attendees will also have a chance to obtain free suits, gift cards, donated goods via raffle, and our popular Comfort Kits. 

This event is right around the corner, and we’re already excited for the chance to make a difference, particularly for those located in the DC Metro area! Please register today, and we look forward to seeing you there!