September 11th – A day that will not be forgotten

Today, we remember September 11th. It is remarkable how that fateful day in 2001 has changed life as we know it.

So many veterans, wanting to right the wrong that had been done to our nation, jumped into service. And now, so many of their lives have been affected as a result, and many have families who share their burdens.

That is the burden of freedom, and it always comes at a cost.

There were so many grim feelings that we all felt on that day. The vulnerability, the panic, the anger, the confusion … it didn’t make sense! How could this happen to the United States? If that happened, what else could be possible?

Suddenly, nobody felt safe. That’s why the courageous men and women who stood in our defense during and after this tragedy will forever be heroes.

Today, we mourn the lives lost on September 11th, we mourn the lives we lost later in our defense, and we reflect on what really matters. We can’t forget that day.

So join me in recognizing all of our veterans and first responders. We thank you for keeping us safe, and we will never forget your sacrifices!